Terms Of Services

Limitation of Liability

Manuscriptage doesn’t hold accountability for any losses or damages mentioned in the contract or otherwise, by the usage or reliance on the materials provided on the website. Manuscriptage is not responsible for any loss that may or may not arise from indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages even if the possibility of such damages was informed.
Manuscriptage involves all its affiliations, subsidiaries, compartments, parent companies and their employees, principals, representatives, and agents alongside any third party providers or resources. Although Manuscriptage ensures the protection of all submitted documents, it shall not be held accountable for the loss of documents as a result of power failure, hardware/software failure, computer viruses, natural disasters, or any other unpredictable or unforeseen factors beyond control. It is the responsibility of the customer to keep back-up and archival copies of the submitted documents. Thus, Manuscriptage is not liable to create back-up or archival copies of all the documents. Manuscriptage is not responsible or accountable to you or any other person in case of loss, corruption, or alteration of documents.
Manuscriptage is only liable for editing manuscripts as per the description maintained throughout the website. All views and thoughts expressed in the manuscripts are that of the author and members benefitting from the service.
For any reason, the amount, in case of delay, defect or any other reasons due to which damages may be faced by the customers will not exceed the invoiced payment for the project.
Governing Law
These terms and conditions are regulated by and to be construed according to American law. Disputes will be subjected to the private jurisdiction of American courts. 
Replacement, Cancelation, and Expiration Date 
A simple policy is implemented when a replacement or cancellation of the file is mandated. This policy aims to minimize errors when editing the wrong file. The policy regarding any replacement or cancellation is discussed below. 
Replacement Policy 
If the file is being revised or sent back for editing, we don’t replace them.
If the wrong file is submitted for editing, it will not be replaced. 

Cancellation Policy 
If the wrong file has been submitted for editing, it can be accepted for cancelling. 
To cancel a file, you must send an e-mail at info@manuscriptage.com
If the editing of a file has already begun but a replacement is requested, it will be cancelled as an order. 
If you want to replace the wrong file with the correct one, a cancellation fee is charged.
The cancellation fee is charged based on the work done on the project. 

Assignment StatusCancellation Fee %
No work is done

Initial processing is already conducted


Assignment already allotted to a Freelancer with 25% of the completed work


Assignment allotted to a Freelancer and 50% of the completed work

Assignment is finalized and ready for delivery


Refund after Cancellation 
The transfer fee is deducted from the total amount of the refund—furthermore, the additional charges for sending refunds to be deducted from the refund fee. 
If the following conditions are met, no refund is provided:
Payment is not made via PayPal
The refund fee is less than 100 USD or equivalent
Cancellation is made after 15 days of the order placement
In case the local invoice with VAT has already been issued
In certain cases, this amount is adjusted in future orders. 
Expiration Policy
Certain publication support services on our website require your essential inputs in order to ensure completion and prepare for the next step (if any) or the package. If you don’t require the services or the following steps, let us know. If you fail to send us your response regarding the completion of the subsequent steps in the next 365 days, your order will be considered closed and deemed complete without delivery. 
Journal URL
It is the responsibility of the client to provide us with proper and accurate journal guidelines URL regarding the formatting of the manuscript. We may or may not get back to you in case the journal URL sent to us is inactive or in a language other than English. Furthermore, if the URL requires us to log in, please provide us with login details.  
Once you accept our quotation over an e-mail, it will be deemed as an official order. You are then mandated to make the payment for the order even if you don’t agree with the prices at a later stage. 
Auto responders shouldn’t be considered a formal confirmation of the starting of the editing process of the project. We reply to all requests with the same quotations. 
If you have given us the mismatched deadline and priority dates, we will work towards meeting the priority and not the deadline when providing you with the details regarding the prices. 
It is requested to send us the PDF file alongside the TeX file if you wish to get direct TeX editing and/or if you want the editing of the TeX file in MS Word delivery format. We will e-mail you to send us a PDF file if you fail to send it to us in the first go. However, if you fail to deliver the PDF file, we won’t be able to proceed with the editing or send you the formal quotation.  
E-mail Address 
When you provide us with your e-mail address and consent, you will receive regular updates about our services and company policies. We will stop sending these updates if you directly ask us to not engage with you in this manner. For the European Economic Area (EEA) members, consent is required to receive the promotional e-mails. 
If you don’t provide us with a functional e-mail address, we will not be responsible for the bounce off of the e-mails from other ends which means you may not receive the delivered files on time or ever. However, we will try to contact you once through the contact number provided by you via e-mail, but that would be it. In such situations, the client has to contact us to receive the edited files. 
Delivery of Files
We always meet the deadlines promised to our clients. In case you fail to receive the document, don’t hesitate in contacting us immediately. Also, don’t forget to check the junk e-mail folder.
To edit PDF file in same PDF delivery format, provide us with single column documents having double spacing.  In case the document fails to meet the given criteria, we may change the format of the delivery file to MS Word to ensure providing the top quality only. You may review the changes made by enabling track changes feature easily. 
User Content 
When you upload or send us any User Content, you basically allow Manuscriptage (and those associated with it) a nonexclusive, worldwide, royalty-free and fully-paid, transferable, and sublicensable, perpetual, and irrevocable license to copy, retain, and utilize the User Content. This is to improve the quality of services and improve the algorithms that underlie the software/services. The data acquired through this process is only utilized to enhance the services/software and not for other malicious purposes. Additionally, it can’t be personally identified. 
Your Intellectual Property Rights
Manuscriptage and its employees don’t claim to own any work submitted to us for editing or proofreading tasks. All documents provided to us will remain your intellectual property. Editors also are contractually bound to waive the claim to any intellectual property provided through our service. You are responsible for what you have obtained through third party rights, including copyrights, for documents that may belong to third parties. It is up to you to decide whether or not it is mandated to obtain any license to use third party content if it is part of the documents.  You need to ensure that you don’t provide documents with any illegal, sexually explicit, threatening, harassing, defamatory, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material. This goes without limitation on any material that potentially gives accountably to Manuscriptage or that may adversely impact the public image of Manuscriptage or the goodwill. 
Notification of Changes 
Manuscriptage has the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time with or without notifying you. The amendments will only impact your usage after the change of date is effected or clearly imposed, and not otherwise. If you continue to use the services of Manuscriptage after the changes have been implemented, it would be considered as your approval. 
Destruction of Documents
Manuscriptage has the right to save documents on its official systems as per the policy and American government regulations for conducting business. You need to raise your concerns and bring it to our awareness through e-mail if you want us to remove or eradicate your documents from our systems. 
This website is owned and operated by Manuscriptage and is protected by international copyright and trademark laws. You may not change, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, or distribute any material from this site, including the code and software. You may also not be able to download material from this site for personal or non-commercial use. 
Manuscriptage may immediately terminate services if the client fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the service. 
The client agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions of Manuscriptage when they seek our services. In case the client objects to our terms and conditions or any subsequent alteration or is dissatisfied with our site in any way, the only recourse of the client is to discontinue the use of the website.  
Word Count Reduction
1. Free Word Count Reduction service is offered up to 10% for Copy Editing, and up to 20% for Substantive Editing. Our Client Servicing Team will get back to you regarding the changes in the charges should you choose to demand a further reduction in the word count.  Despite it all, we don’t guarantee a reduction in the word count. This occurs when there is a limited scope or no better judgment regarding the areas where the client needs focusing. When such a situation arises, we simply highlight the parts and recommend the client where word count reduction is possible. 
2. Formatting Services (paid or free) don’t include Word Count Reduction Service.
3. When you inform the Client Servicing Team regarding further adjustments, they will provide you with additional charges. We may not reduce the word count if there’s a failure to respond to such queries. 
Advance Payment
The advance payment is mandated so that the documents can be processed. Delivery is revoked in case the advance payment is not made before the date of the delivery. However, in certain cases, Manuscriptage waives off this clause, and instead partial or complete payment can be made after the delivery of the edited file.
Please send us your reason in writing when/if you’re unable to make the advance payment. We try to make alternative arrangements if the client has a genuine reason.  
Choosing Your Freelance Editor
When the existing clients fill out the quotation form, they get the opportunity to choose their editor for future projects as well. When this occurs, we assign the task to the chosen editor. However, no such guarantees are made as this is dependent on the availability of the editor, type of service, expertise, etc. We don’t owe an explanation to the client if the chosen editor is not available to deal with the documents. It must also be noticed that Non-selection doesn’t indicate the cancelation of the order or the inquiry.  
Editor message Disclaimer (*)
The name of the editor is never revealed to ensure their privacy.