Publication Support

Revise/Reject Paper Editing

Manuscriptage offers a customized & professional editing facility to help you in re-submission of your manuscript following reviewer comments. The Revised/Rejected service is for authors who wish to fulfill the following objectives:

Resubmission to the Targeted Journal

...along with substantive editing and responses to address reviewer comments.

Submit To a New Journal

...after improvement of the paper, based on reviewer comments along with substantive editing.

Two Rounds of Thorough Substantive Editing

To ensure that your paper is well-presented and has a logical flow with proper language, we assign two editors to perform thorough substantive editing. We double-check plagiarism, and grammatical errors so that only a clear and concise paper is delivered.

Revisions According To The Comments

Our subject experts ensure extensive revision of your manuscript to fully meet the journal reviewers’ expectations while addressing all other issues highlighted by the reviewers.

Tailor-Made Cover Letters

We provide you with a crisp cover letter that demonstrates the important findings of your research and highlights its uniqueness.

Addressing Reviewer Responses

We answer the queries of the reviewers, in detail and effectively.

Journal Formatting

The formatting of your journal is adjusted as per the instructions mandated by the targeted journal.

Our Journey Doesn’t End Here!
Our Support Lasts Until Your Paper Gets Published!

reject-shield-img By using our Rejection Shield, you can get access to unlimited revisions, content enhancements, cover letters, and responses to peer-reviewed queries and that too, absolutely FREE!

Our Four-Step Comprehensive Process!

  • check-icon Step 01
    1. SEND US

    the original manuscript submitted to the target journal, a revised paper according to reviewer instructions, reviewers’ comments, along with the draft of the response to comments. In case you choose to submit to a new journal, you may as well share the new target journal.

  • check-icon Step 02

    the manuscript, rewrite responses and paper, write a cover letter and share a report; if all comments have been addressed. Also, we substantively edit your work to help you meet the publishing demands.

  • check-icon Step 03

    the concerns raised by Manuscriptage editors and opt for revisions when needed.

  • check-icon Step 04

    the manuscript, cover letter, analytical report, and response to reviews so that your paper is of top quality and can be submitted to the target journal.

What’s in it for you?

  • check-iconRevised manuscript to be re-submitted or submitted to a new target journal

  • check-iconAn analytically drawn Revised/Rejected paper editing report

  • check-iconCustomized Cover Letter.

  • check-icon Certificateof Editing (Upon request)

Delivery & Price

Send us your manuscript and we’ll update you in 3 business hours!

Word Count Round 1 Deadline Author Check Deadline Round 2 Deadline Price
0-3000 3 Days 2 business days 2 business days $0.13/words
3000-5000 4-5 Days 2 business days 2 business days
5000-10000 6-8 Days 3 business days 3 business days
10000-12000 9 Days 4 business days 4 business days
above 12000 On Request On Request On Request