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Usually, academicians wait for months to receive feedback from their publishers. However, with Manuscriptage, you can receive comprehensive feedback by our expert peer reviewers within just 7 days. Our expert reviewers possess specialized knowledge in all fields of study and ensure thorough and section-wise review to highlight areas for improvement along with suggestions.

Our team have extensive experience of reviewing manuscripts for various renowned international English journals including Cell, Science, Nature, The Lancet, Cell Biology PNAS etc.

We Make Your Research Work Stand Out!

Our experts evaluate your manuscript critically to highlight areas of improvement. They dissect every element and give you valuable insights to make your manuscript publication-ready. From reporting of the method, study design, ethical soundness, significance to the field to the sufficiency of data analysis, our experts know what makes your paper compatible and reduce the chances of rejection.

With us, you receive a detailed analytical report comprising paper quality reviews in terms of structure and organization, clarity of presentation, evidence support conclusion, literature review adequacy etc.

We Believe in Team Work!

We believe that two editors are better than one as they can collaborate and give you all-rounded feedback that transforms your manuscript entirely. To ensure different insights, we offer you to choose up to 3 peer reviewers for your manuscript.


Why avail peer-reviewers option?

  • 1.Get a diverse and expansive perspective
  • 2.Reduce individual biases
  • 3.Get your paper reviewed in stipulated time
  • 4.A practice administered by most reputed journals

Benefits of the Peer Review Services

  • check-iconYour paper will be evaluated and examined by expert peer reviewers with profound experience in the respected field. These experts possess years of experience working with high impact journals, recognized internationally.

  • check-iconOur service matches the standard established by high-ranking journals, enabling you to fix all the issues before the submission.

  • check-iconThe peer-reviewing process takes only 7 days before you receive a detailed report.

  • check-iconYou get the chance to choose more than one (up to 3), peer reviewers!

What else you get?

  • check-icon An analytical report comprising recommendations for improvement. The professionals’ constructive feedback enhances your paper’s chances of publication!

Delivery & Pricing

Send us your manuscript and we’ll get back to you in three hours!

No. Of Reviewers Turnaround Time Price
1 reviewer $250
2 reviewers 7 business days $500
4 reviewers $750