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Academics deal with multiple challenges when it’s time to submit their research for publication. It doesn’t matter whether you are a PhD candidate or a new researcher in the field; a lot many problems like urgent deadlines and complex formatting standards await you.

Thus, Manuscriptage offers a qualified team of journal submission professionals who are well-equipped with all the information and techniques, necessary to publish your paper in an internationally recognized journal. Allow us to take care of this tedious task for you as soon as your paper is ready for submission.

Let Us Submit Your Paper For You

Get clear-cut information and different insights about the process of journal submission. Our Peer Review facility lets you select up to three peer reviewers for your paper!

  • 1.Once we receive the payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you detailing your project requirements.
  • 2.We will devise a submission checklist to ensure you meet the guidelines of your targeted journal.
  • 3.Mandatory forms like copyright transfer form, authorship, etc will be sent your way on which your signatures may be required.
  • 4.Once we receive all the information, we initiate the journal submission process – offline or online.

Benefits of Journal Submission Service

  • check-iconManuscriptage takes care of all the dreary tasks, necessary in the journal submission process, to ensure a stress-free submission process.

  • check-iconWe double-check the formatting settings and ensure that your paper meets the guidelines mandated by the targeted journal.

  • check-iconWe take care of all the official requirements like filling in the important form details, writing a cover letter and uploading necessary documentation, if required.

What’s in it for you?

  • check-iconAnalytical submission report

  • check-iconCover Letter

  • check-iconReviewed Manuscript

Delivery & Price

Once you upload your manuscript, we’ll get back to you within 3 business hours.

Word Count Price
8000 $150