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Journal Selection – A Critical Step Towards Publication

Journal selection is critical in maximizing your chances of successful publication. Manuscriptage recognizes the fact and provides you with a remarkable team of experts who match you with the best journals considering your requirements and research. We hold a notable record in successful publications, thanks to the extensive experience of our team in peer reviewing and international journals’ editing.
Let us know your criteria and our experts will present you with the best 4- 5 journals, packaged with their pros and cons list to make your publication journey a true success. Moreover, get experts’ feedback on your manuscript, including professional recommendations about how to elevate your paper’s quality.

Our Roadmap From Pre-Selection To Publication

Our experts devise a pragmatic roadmap to get you substantive results in no time. They outline and simplify the steps of publication and enable you to fulfill your dream of getting published. We recommend the best journals based on the given criteria:

  • 1.Scope of the study and basic criteria
  • 2.Target journal type (focus, scope, etc.)
  • 3.Exigency to publish
  • 4.Accessibility specifications (print only, open access, etc.)
  • 5.Article type
  • 6.Importance of the paper in its respective field

Why Should You Seek Our Advice?

  • check-icon We have an ingenious team that is willing to guide you through an extensive list of journals that are most suited for your manuscript.

  • check-icon We’ll review your manuscript critically and shortlist 3 to 5 journals that carry the highest chances of acceptance.

  • check-icon Our skilled peer reviews offer you insightful feedback on your manuscript. Our critically analyzed factors include;

    • Importance of results
    • Language and formatting of the manuscript
    • The current state of manuscript and changes required
    • Length of the manuscript in relation to the suggested journal
    • Analytical review of the incorporated findings and verification of the evidence

What’s In It For You?

  • check-icon At Manuscriptage, we present you with a comprehensive Journal Selection Report, comprising the ensuing information.

    • Shortlisted journals, along with multiple parameters for every publication to help to select only the best journal.
    • A thorough evaluation of the paper by our journal expert to improve your manuscript’s quality while expediting the publication process.

Pricing and Delivery

Once you upload your manuscript, leave it to us. We’ll get back to you within three business hours with our expert’s recommendation.

Turnaround Time Price
4 business days $150

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