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How Do We Support Universities?


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Manuscriptage offers a range of services to empower authors and help them achieve publication success by improving the quality of their manuscripts. Moreover, these services facilitate universities to boost their overall research output and improve their research performance. Enago is a preferred partner for leading universities and publishers worldwide.

Manuscriptage is the top choice of authors for achieving publication success. We offer a range of qualified services to refine your manuscripts. Several universities have availed our facility to elevate their research output along with research performance. Indeed, we are a preferred partner for renowned publishers and universities globally.

How Do We Support Universities?

We have devised the simplest and seamless mechanism for you to place translation order. Getting your global success is just a matter of 1, 2 and 3 – simple!

Increase Chances Of Acceptance

Avail our services and increase the chances of your paper’s acceptance by up to 50%


Improve International Research Output

Increase the rate of university’s international publications in impactful and leading SCI/SSCI journals than local publications.

Meet Your Globalization Objectives

By increasing the publication rate in international high-impact journals, gain opportunities for international collaborations.


Author Benefits

Our class apart services keep us ahead of our competitors in the translation industry. We value our customers, so what we deliver is not less than the best.

Formatting & Language Editing

Manuscriptage provides Substantive as well as Copy Editing services to its clients in addition to the support needed to meet academic and publishing requirements. Our experts remove grammatical errors and formatting discrepancies. We transform your manuscript into a flawless piece of research.

Translation Services

Technical and academic translation services are offered to help you get published in renowned international journals. Niche-experts and native translators are employed to refine your work and make it error-free. Our language experts are well-versed in Korean, Japanese, Turkish, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, etc.

Scholastic Services

Manuscriptage offers workshops for ESL researchers and authors in different universities. We also direct them towards authentic and up-to-date publishing resources and empower them by offering academic writing. Our services help them in improving their skill set and research knowledge that leads to unwavering publication success.

Publication Support

With Manuscriptage, get various privileged services that help researchers fulfill their publication needs. Our all-inclusive package ranges from Pre Submission Peer review, Journal Selection to Journal Selection and a lot more.

Our Work Flow

  • Research Author
  • Contact Point/University SPOC
  • Manuscriptage Web Portal
  • Manuscriptage
  • Publish

Partnership Model

Exclusive University Web Portals

Researchers, faculty staff, and supervisors get rewarded with a customized web portal to make the submission process more secure and efficient.

  • We create an exclusive co-branded portal for you.
  • Back-end editing services are offered via your portal under your brand
Special Recommendation

Universities can recommend our services exclusively to their faculty members and researchers with discounted price plans. You may recommend our facilities by:

  • Sending Email to Authors
  • Recommending us via intranet
Collaboration Model Features
  • Feasible packages for university researchers
  • Data-protection of clients and manuscript content
  • MIS Reports – Dashboard to access files and reports
  • Monthly invoicing and billing
  • Credible, comprehensive, and relevant resource platform to help you get your manuscript published
  • Multiple payment options either by an individual researcher or university or by both
Make The Most of Manuscriptage’s Academy – A Remarkable Platform For Knowledge Sharing

Manuscriptage is your go-to forum for knowledge sharing and active discussion. The platform allows researchers, publishers, students and editors to access up-to-date and comprehensive resources to learn and grow while sharing their valuable experiences about publishing and research.