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Enhance your written English. With our editorial expertise, we can make you sound like native English speaker

Editing Services

Enhance your written English. With our editorial expertise, we can make you sound like native English speaker.

English Editing Services !

Manuscript age offers remarkable and professional English editing services. Editing is commonly confused with proofreading – which is the rectification of spelling, grammar, and other superficial mistakes and which forms the concluding part of the editing process. English editing is about organizing and revising the content of the paper to be more precise and concise. The process eliminates jargon and wordiness to a minimum, allowing better overall communication.

At Manuscript age, we empower academic researchers across the world and help them in the publication process by ascertaining exemplary language quality manuscripts for researchers and academics who avail our English editing services in order to get published in renowned journals.

With a highly competent team of editors, Manuscript age guarantees enhanced tone, clarity, and style of your writing. We assist you in communicating your ideas efficiently so that readers can effectively focus on your research. As one of the best personal editing and proofreading agencies, Manuscript age utilizes state-of-the-art techniques and methods to eliminate errors in mechanics, punctuations, and grammar, in addition to ensuring high flow, vocabulary, and consistency.

We offer feedback in the marginal comments form so that you can understand potential revisions while improving your research writing. So, if you are looking for an agency that provides the best English editing services, then you are in the right place, at the right time!

We Provide What Every Manuscript Needs,
and What your Hard Work Deserves

Every academic researcher needs it, yet self-editing a manuscript is time-consuming and a headache. Even the best researchers find it hard. Hiring a professional academic editing service is often the best investment that you can make for your research paper. Editors do more than make your T’s are crossed, and I’s are dotted. They ascertain that your writing is poignant and fluid.

Trusting Manuscript age with your manuscript may seem like a big commitment, but so is publishing a paper in a scientific journal. The best way to ensure that your writing is impeccably polished before it is sent to a journal is to invest in a scientific English editing service from a brand that you can rely on.

Manuscript age’s English editing services offer a broad range of options for researchers and authors that cover everything, from basic misspelling and grammar corrections to sentence structure and characterization. Our editing services are for academic researchers who are looking for premium online editing service, proposal editing and proofreading, or business editing at an affordable price.

We'll enhance your manuscript's quality and make sure it's simple and easy to read. Our best quality proofreading services include correction of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, improvement of word choice, ensuring consistency, providing helpful and knowledgeable feedback, and highlighting the clarity issues in the manuscript. In short, our Affordable English Proofreading Services is about making sure that you can express the purpose of your manuscript as clearly as possible.

We also provide a free sample service so that you can see that before placing your order, we are confident with our quality standards. We're available seven days a week. You can avail yourself of our Online English Proofreading Services 24/7.

Our English Editing Services

Standard Delivery

You’ll receive a detailed proofread and edited document in a redline version, which will comprise of specific suggestions and comments by our expert editor. This redline document will be returned to you within days of your submission.

Accelerated Delivery

You’ve got critical deadlines – we understand this. So, if you require an accelerated return of your document, you can count on us. The document will be submitted to you within 48+ hours of submission.

Dual Editors

Having two sets of eyes to review and edit your document effectively can be helpful! With our editorial experts and flexible services, you can benefit from our dual editor’s service that will provide you with a comprehensively edited document.

How does it work?


First, you need to upload your entire document and then select those pages that you want us to edit. Once you’re done, simply select the service that best suits your needs. We offer three levels of services: Advanced English Editing Service, Premium English Editing Service, and Scientific English Editing Service. After that, all you’ve to do is to choose your study field, upload feedback or guidelines and pay for your order. Now, just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Our Job

Once we’ve received your document, we’ll pick the most suitable editor depending on your study’s requirements and field. At Manuscript age, we employ only the best academic professionals and editors. The editor will edit your document as per industry standards. Once the editing process is complete, we will double-check our editor’s work by using an intelligent quality control framework. After that, you’ll receive an email and text message that your work is done.

Final Touch

Once you’ve received the document, you can either decline or accept changes made by our editor. If you have any query, we are available 24/7 to answer your questions. What makes us unique is the fact that we delete all of your files after one year. However, you have the option of deleting them whenever you want.

Why Edit your Manuscript With Manuscriptage Editing Services?


With Manuscript age highly affordable rates, you can get your manuscript edited with high precision. Generally, authors pay thousands of dollars for basic scientific editing service. You’ll pay significantly less using Manuscript age Editing Service. Moreover, you don’t have to pay any set-up or minimum fees, isn’t that great?


Getting your manuscript to market is a challenging task. We’ll efficiently have your manuscript ready within days instead of taking weeks.


With a highly professional team of editors and professionals, your manuscript will be edited by professional, seasoned editors who are experienced and capable of turning your manuscript into a flawless piece of art. You’ll receive a completely edited manuscript, in addition to any additional editor suggestions and notes.


What sets Manuscript age apart from the rest of the crowd is that you get 24/7 highly professional customer service and unlimited Q&A with your editor as standard. Researchers who select our premium and scientific English editing services receive complimentary multiple-round editing in order to ensure extensive refinement and collaboration of your manuscript.

Our Diverse
English Editing Options

Whether you require support through peer review or a language check before submission, we provide only the best editing and proofreading services that can be customized according to your needs. Pairing you with a native, professional, and highly-skilled editor with exceptional expertise in your subject area, you’ll receive a submission-ready, polished manuscript, which will save you energy and time.

Advanced Editing Service

Corrections for terminology, spelling, and grammar errors. Includes a word-count reduction where necessary and comprehensive language check, providing you with a document, which retains your voice tone and reads well. Our Advanced editing service includes:

  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Terminology and sentence structure check.
  • Letter for your editing and editor certificate.
  • Up to 10% word-count reduction.
  • Reference check – consistency only.
  • Consistency in citations, notations, and layout formats.
  • Reference check for accuracy and consistency.
  • Comprehensive check of flow, clarity, and logic.
  • The manuscript assessment report and journal cover letter.
  • Free support for re-editing for 365 days.
  • Up to 20% word-count reduction.

Premium Editing Service

Builds on the Advanced editing service and rectifies structure gaps and logic, providing you with a document that flows and reads well. Our Premium editing service is focused on the publication, and it is the optimum choice if you need feedback and editing regarding the organization and language of your article. This service includes:

Our Most Popular Services
  • All features under Advanced editing service.
  • Reference check for accuracy and consistency.
  • Comprehensive check of flow, clarity, and logic.
  • The manuscript assessment report and journal cover letter.
  • Free support for re-editing for 365 days.
  • Up to 20% word-count reduction.
  • Free multiple journals formatting.
  • Extensive revisions, such as restructuring and rephrasing.
  • Seamless content flow and systematic structural improvements.
  • Crosschecking responses with the revised manuscript.
  • Manuscript formatting according to the targeted journal.

Scientific Editing Service

In addition to those services provided in the Premium editing service, our editorial experts will edit your responses while crosscheck them once your manuscript receives reviewer comments. Our Scientific editing service include:

Personalized Three Experts
  • All features under Premium editing service.
  • Free multiple journals formatting.
  • Extensive revisions, such as restructuring and rephrasing.
  • Seamless content flow and systematic structural improvements.
  • Crosschecking responses with the revised manuscript.
  • Manuscript formatting according to the targeted journal.

What We Cover In Every Edit As Standard

Fix misspellings, punctuation issues, typos, and ascertain spelling consistency.
Manage light re-writing of poorly or inefficiently presented sentences in order to enhance ease of understanding and readability.
Underline areas where additional explanation and clarification is required.
Ascertain that your references are all following relevant style, and they are provided in the end-text references.
Ascertaining the correct format of the reference list.
Outline areas where references are required.
Generate a list of figures, table of content, and tables.
Ascertain consistent table and figure captions.
Highlight areas where captions can be included.

Also Offer

Book Editing

For authors and academic researchers who would like support for the English language, our Book editing service provide our customers with the opportunity to have their work reviewed by editorial experts.

Manuscript Formatting

We ensure that your manuscript is in compliance with instructions provided by your targeted journal. We use the utmost care stick to the styles, including AMA, ACS, MLA, and APA.

Plagiarism Check

Our competent team of professionals use Turnitin to check for any accidental plagiarized content. We provide expert comments with highlighted problematic sections so that you can improve your manuscript.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01
    What training do Manuscriptage editors receive?
    Manuscript age writers and editors go through extensive training and various customized programs. Moreover, our editors receive industry-grade English language training. They are also encouraged to attend several external training seminars, workshops, and programs, which offer updates on style for British and American English, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Manuscript age edit according to two international English Language styles – British English and American English.
  • At Manuscript age, we respect the integrity and confidentiality of the research. Therefore, all of our editors are sensitized to document’s confidential nature, and they are trained to handle them with care. Furthermore, the client and the editor working on your job will have access to the provided information.
  • Yes, after your editing is complete, you can contact your editor and seek help by using our dedicated service that allows our customers to send any query they have to their editor.
  • Decisions regarding manuscript acceptance rest with the journal. In this regard, we do not guarantee that your manuscript will 100% be accepted after it has been edited through our service. Having said that, we do provide a guarantee and assurance that your manuscript will not be refused due to language reasons. In case if it gets rejected, we will re-edit it for free.