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Our Manuscript Editing
& Proofreading

Editing in context is a craft, a skill that requires more than just knowledge of numerous formatting/referencing styles along with Style Elements – although our editorial professionals have those down cold!

Writing web texts, CVs, grant proposals, reviews, reports, theses, papers, and other communications in English can become exasperating, especially when: technical skills surpass literary talents, you are not a native English speaker, and deadlines are tight. With Manuscriptage as your partner, you are guaranteed to have original online English editing services with first-class, state-of-the-art academic editing for all professional and scientific spheres. We believe that much like writing, editing is a living craft, which must be consistently honed, , practiced, and developed.
We believe and consider your manuscripts something more than just words casually aligned to deliver an idea. With such keen regard, our experts put in all the required expertise to articulate a document as desired. We differ, as we provide solicitous and mindful editing and proofreading for all your document types; ranging from fiction manuscript, business memo, subject matter, or job application.
Editing in context is a craft, a skill that requires more than just knowledge of numerous formatting/referencing styles along with Style Elements – although our editorial professionals have those down cold! With Manuscriptage, you’ll receive high-quality, advanced, and premium English editing and proofreading services, which will render your document perfect.

English Editing

With a highly competent team of professionals, editors, and experts, our English editing services allow you to concentrate on what you do best – research! Our well-equipped team is at your service to review and peruse your document thoroughly. It ascertains that the language, sentence structure, tense, syntax, grammar, and spelling are quintessentially delivered.

Proofreading Services

Before the final submission, Manuscriptage values the importance of one final evaluative look. Therefore, we offer critical analysis for your scientific and academic manuscripts just before they are ready to be published. Academic proofreading involves correcting typographical, grammatical, and spelling errors.

Publication Services

At Manuscriptage, we take pride in being one of the best scientific English writing service providers. We, being the best, deliver your scientific manuscripts as something flawlessly professional and publishable. Our well-driven guidance through the entire process of publication content definitely makes Manuscriptage a preferable choice.

Translation Services

Manuscriptage provides distinguished and eminent translation services to academic researchers across the world. We are committed to make your scientific, academic research paper a notable success. For the purpose, we make necessary alterations in terms of language to make your idea easily accessible and readable.

Student Services

Professional editors at Manuscriptage assure that your research work absolutely conforms to the highest industry-grade standards. Have your research paper proofread with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Professional Research Paper Editing and Proofreading Services

Academic Services

Academic editing is a process involving a comprehensive understanding of your study. Our editing team primarily focus on language and formatting to make your manuscripts as appropriate as required in academic domains. Making your papers, journal articles, theses, dissertations, and essays professionally perfect.

Collaborating With Prominent Universities, Institutions & Publishers

Manuscriptage is the go-to service for leading educational institutions. We collaborate with famous publishers and research institutions all across the world. Choose Manuscriptage’s English editing services and get your papers and research work chosen by reputable scientific journal.

For Publishers & Journals:

How we help:

  • By providing verified educational resources
  • By maximizing your global coverage and enriching your brand visibility
  • By integrating robust technology with our brilliant scientific editing service

For Universities

How we help:

  • By ensuring your paper receives international acclaim
  • By improving your chances of acceptance by up to 50%
  • By assisting you to accomplish globalization goals by facilitating international research collaborations

Manuscriptage Club

Our exclusive Manuscriptage Club is another feather in our cap, first being our premium editing services. Manuscriptage believes in perfection. Therefore, under Manuscriptage Club you are provided with tools and guidance to assist you in practicing perfection. That’s right, with the keen assistance in every stage of the writing process, so you can write like us, edit like us, and be flawless like us!
At Manuscriptage, we take pride in our customers and believe that they are part of the Manuscriptage family. Therefore, our high-quality articles, innovative infographics, captivating videos, and intuitive postcards are all customised and designed to ensure that you can get all the help you need, in an effective and efficient manner.
Manuscriptage Club leads and assists academic and research writers through intricate paths of writing techniques and patterns until they become professional, proficient and perfect. Hence, whether you’re looking for advice on any facet, tips for writing resources, or hoping to improve your grammar, Manuscriptage Club is the only solution.

Premium Editing PLUS

Maximize your chances of publication with our post-publication editorial service. Let our subject experts address journal reviewers’ suggestions and requirements and help you submit a revised manuscript.

Premium Editing Service

Beyond grammar and language, our intensive editing process increases your acceptance chances by journals as we ensure well-structured and well-written manuscript along with free re-editing service for 365 days

Experts Advanced Editing

Our domain experts provide line by line editing for technical terminology and readability improvement. The native-English editors use a detailed checklist to ensure accurate journal formatting and make your manuscript publication-ready.

Why Choose Us

Data Confidentiality

We use only the best, bank-grade, state-of-the-art security standards to safeguard your work. The security of your document is crucial. We understand this, and it is our duty to keep it safe. Our privacy and data policy ascertains the highest level of confidentiality and enables academic writers across the world to submit their important work to us with full confidence.

24/7 Availability

We are considered as one of the industry-leading English editing service providers for a reason. That is, we not only offer the best services, but we are available 24/7 so that you can enjoy flawless customer experience.

Secure Payments

At Manuscriptage, we have employed modern data security protocols by integrating strong, efficient, and highly robust security procedures and policies, so that all data of our clients are 100% secured.

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They are fast! The manuscript was improved with amazing quality. One of the best things about Manuscriptage is that the editors were excellent and they understood the topic of my research. I have used their service two times now, and will definitely recommend my colleagues to use it.


Science Research

I would like to express my genuine appreciation for your work. These guys did an excellent job. What I really loved particularly was that they gave useful comments with notable suggestions on how can I further improve.


Medical Student

I had the pleasure to work with the Manuscriptage on my manuscript. They were highly professional and did an amazing job. For the first time, the journal editor did not complain about my language issue. They are professional, do their work on time, and affordable compared to other companies.


Law Graduate

The team at Manuscriptage know how to provide quality services, at reasonable prices. I am a student, and the services that I received was off the charts. I am happy that I opted for their editor.


Software Designer

Pretty amazing website. There are a good number of features and services present. If this is your first time looking for a service that does editing and proofreading, they are among the best in the market.



This was the third time I used Manuscriptage for getting my paper edited. I am happy that I chose this service. I am very satisfied with their high-quality work. Not only their work is amazing, but their editors are also exceptionally professional and very easy to talk to. I will be using their service again.